These adobe walls are all that remain of the Drew family home at the stage station on the San Pedro River.
This foundation is all that remains of Drew's Station on the San Pedro River. The station is 205 yards from the wash where Philpott was murdered.
The Road to Benson from Contention. This section of the road is 205 yards from Drew's Station, on the San Pedro River.

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In January of 2010, History Raiders was asked to locate the Drew's Station site on the San Pedro River. With the use of historical maps, descriptions of the various properties, and most important, the railroad surveys from 1879 & 1880 the location was found. Following is an account from the Tombstone Epitaph, of the events that took place on the night of March 15, 1881, when two men lost thier lives and many more were affected.

The Kinnear & Company stagecoach from Tombstone to Benson departed on time for Benson that evening. Bob Paul was riding shotgun for Wells Fargo and  Eli "Bud" Philpott was driving. At the state stop in Watervale two additional passengers were loaded. The stage being full, one of the new passengers had to ride up top. The young man was Peter Roerig. Around 10 o'clock after leaving Contention, the stage came through a wash and began the short incline to the road about 200 yards from Drew's Station. Under a full moon a man stepped onto the road and shouted out, "Hold!"

"By Go, I hold for nobody!" Paul called out as he leveled his shotgun to fire at the man. By the time Paul lowered his shotgun, there were several more men on the road surrounding the stage. Paul fired, wounding one of the men, as the would be robbers opened fire upon the stage. Philpott was struck first, falling from the stage, taking the reins with him to his death. The horses, spooked, rushed down the road, racing past Drew's Station.

The men who were at the station ran out as the stage flew past at a dead run. It took nearly a mile for Paul to gather the reins and get the stage under control. Upon stopping Paul realized Roerig had been mortally wounded. Paul made the decision to race on to Benson to try and save Roerig. Meanwhile, the men from the station found Philpott dead in the road and saw several men racing away on their horses.

The botched stage robbery has been noted as a turning point in the relationship between the Earps, Holliday, Behan and the Cowboys. Holliday was accused as being one of the masked men who participated in the robbery. 

The location of Drew's Station is an exciting and important find for history enthusiasts. It gives everyone an opportunity to stand where history took place. Maps and file informaiton that was used to find the location will be published soon by History Raiders.

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