I Love Making Money With Social Media!

Tumblr is often overlooked by many blogging and social media enthusiasts, in favor of giants such as Pinterest and WordPress. According to Google, Tumblr owns the throne in terms of search volume, trumping BOTH the numbers of Pinterest and WordPress combined. Tumblr is a “blogging” platform launched in 2007 and as of 2015 it has 217 million blogs and 420 million users. But why the popularity? It’s mainly because blogging is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for an individual or a business to engage audiences from different niches, both for brand recognition and growing a customer base.

The page design and domain can be easily customized to meet personal preferences, it works with Google Analytics and you can interface it with Twitter and Facebook so you won’t have to worry about updating them. How can you make money  on social media After doing a search for money tumblr I found some tips. Here are a few easy steps.

social media money

Build Your Audience 
This is your foundation, building your audience is the very first step in making money on Tumblr… But how? Here are a few things you can do. Make your posts shareable and make sure that you have social sharing buttons like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and SumoMe. Your site should be updated regularly with fresh and engaging content. Follow people that matter then start conversations, and re-share. Once you start building your audience, you will have more clicks on the ads displayed on your page. Keep in mind that having 1000 visitors does not mean you will have 1000 clicks, it would be more like just 10% of the figure will click on the ads. If you are paid $0.05 per click, then you can cash out $5 per 100 people clicking on the ads on your site. Based on these numbers, you’d have to have 50,000 views to make $50. With this in mind. you should look intolearning strategies like PPC to help you earn more.  On top of all that, you should also make sure that your site is engaging enough to be worthy of visitors.

Use Affiliate Programs 
You can help shopping websites and online stores sell their products. Amazon pays 4% to 5% of the product’s price. You can combine Amazon with Google Adsense and ShareASale to really maximize the earning potential of your Tumblr. It won’t hurt looking at other affiliate programs like CJ.com and LinkShare.

Leverage Ads
The most common way to make money on Tumblr is via the use of ads. You can partner with the following. Google Adsense works best when you have a bigger audience, MatomyMedia. Chitika and BidVertiser. These 3 options are just some of the most effective ways to make money on Tumblr. These strategies can be successful if you focus on providing engaging, unique and shareable content for your audience on a regular basis. If you set your mark on a niche that you are passionate about, you will find that Tumblr is an excellent way to fatten your wallet while doing something you love.…